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CoolSculpting is a new way of dealing with extra fat deposits on the body which may not be responsive to diet and other modifications such as exercise and other workouts. The fat that bulges on your thighs, chest, abdomen, especially in males, flanks or legs is treated on the principle of eliminating the fats by cooling it and freezing the fats and unwanted cells. During CoolSculpting, your skin gets frozen from underneath, subsequently the fat cells start leaving the skin and dissolves. In next few months, your body automatically wipe-out these fat cells from your skin.

It is suggested to first consult your doctor before having a go with this treatment to make sure that fat is amenable to this treatment and would not cause any bad effects later. The fat that is targeted is just underneath the skin and not is critical areas such as leaver, heart etc. The fat inside abdomen and other areas cannot be treated with CoolSculpting. If you have hernia problem, then you must avoid this treatment as this treatment should not be applied on hernia patients. In case you have any doubts, then please do have an ultrasound to confirm and avoid any confusion.

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We recently asked Dr. Chris for giving us the time to answer the most common questions that people ask about CoolSculpting, he was kind enough to give us his time. But before I share his answers with you, let me introduce him to you. Dr. Chris runs a clinic in Munich that provides Cryolipolysis treatment to patients. You can visit his clinic’s site by clicking the link below

Following are the most commonly asked questions about Cool-Sculpting:

Q: How is the Cool-Sculpting treatment done?

A: Before coming to the clinic for the treatment, you must wear easily removable clothes on the area of treatment. A special applicator will be hold on the area of treatment for suction to be treated by your doctor. You will have no major discomfort, as you should be lying comfortably on a reclining chair or a bed. You can bring your iPhone or a book to keep yourself busy and not get bored for next one hour or so (per area).

Q: What happens immediately after the treatment:

A: After the treatment the suction device or applicator is taken away from the area of treatment and a masseur or your doctor should vigorously massage the treated area for at-least two minutes. You may notice some bruising in the treated area but these symptoms disappear shortly after the treatment in few days.

Q: How long does it take to see the improvement after Cool-Sculpting cryo-lipolysis?

A: Improvements can be seen from the first month but the most final outcome can take up to 3 months to show.

Q: How many treatments are required on each area:

A: Normally 3 to 4 treatments are enough for each area to see a significant effect on the area of treatment, but according to your patients’ experience they lost about an inch after the first treatment (results can be different for different patients). The required number of treatments can be different for different patients.

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