PDO Absorbable : New Innovative thread lift procedure

pdo absorbable 18 gauge needles

PDO thread lift are a common aesthetic procedure available for people who want a lift on their face, neck or other areas. These treatments help to enhance the beauty by providing volume to the sagged areas.

Such treatments are getting more and more popular due to the growing obsession in the society about their face looks and beauty. With new treatments, new king of needles are also emerging like 18 gauge needle.

Well, that’s good news for people related to aesthetic industry. There is also a new PDO absorbable thread lift procedure available in the industry in which barbed sutures are used.

And today we are going to review it since there are not many useful tips available about it on internet.

PDO absorbable thread lift is a procedure to lift up loose skin on the face, neck and other body areas with minimal downtime.

This procedure is not very different from conventional thread lifts – it is most effective way of lifting the loose skin without a surgery.

Because of the aging your skin starts loosing the surface due to the effects of gravity. This causes loss of support to the facial structure and loss of facial fats.

Generally your eyebrows, cheeks, jowls and neck are mainly affected. Due to this you start looking aged.

Normally when someone thinks about facelift, then people may suggest him to have facelift through a plastic surgery – but that cannot be the option for people who tend to avoid such treatments.

For them PDO thread lift is an effective non-surgical option to regain their lost beauty through lifting and contouring sagged areas.

Thread lift is also a great option for people who just want minimal to moderate rejuvenation.


As you may already know that a healthy face is generally in “V-Shape”. But due to gravitational force your skin keeps sustaining the pressure from gravity and after some particular age it starts loosing the surface which results into wrinkles and your “V-shape” starts dimensioning or it inverts.

PDO thread lift works with a simple idea to either create scaffolding to support tissues and rehabilitate the “V-shape” again.

For such treatments physicians use Novathreads to inject the gel but 18 gauge needles are also a great substitute for this procedure since needles give a lot more intensive results with due respect for the patients’ comfort, especially when you are treating fragile areas such as face, neck, cheeks, lips and eyebrows.

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