All you want to know about cannulas and blunt cannulas

All you want to know about cannulas and blunt cannulas

A cannula can be described as a small tube that can be used for either injecting medicine that contains fluids into a patient’s body or to extract blood. A cannula structure is defined in a shape that it surrounds an outer and inner surface of a trocar needle and can be extended to a new size that is at-least half of its original size.

There are many types of cannulas, one of them is blunt cannula also known as Micro cannulas. It is a specific kind of cannula which is made up of tiny tube vessels with a blunt edge so it can be injected easily into the patient’s body. It has a extrusion port that can be described as a small pore at the end of it. These type of cannulas are used for injecting sub-dermal fillers.

As you may know that blunt cannulas are normally used in aesthetic medicine world. They are used for injecting fillers that are used for anti-aging. Such fillers contain hyaluronic acid and Poly L-lactic acid, Concentrated HA and some other acids. Blunt cannulas are also used for liposuction.

Blunt cannulas demand has increased thoroughly and it is gaining more popularity in the aestheticians. Many practitioners now prefer to use blunt cannulas over conventional needles for injecting dermal fillers. If you are thinking to start your own aesthetic clinic or something like that, then believe me blunt cannulas should be your first choice for injecting fillers because they have a high demand in patients also, since they are less painful than needles.


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It has a rounded tip which makes it more flexible and reduce trauma problems during treatment. Blunt cannulas are used specially for those areas that are more intense such as lip procedures because they have lesser swelling and bruising after the procedure on patient’s body. Because blunt cannulas do not contain sharp and pointed edge, the lip filling procedure become much more comfortable for the patient.

There are also some techniques that are used for reducing the pain even more, some doctors reduce the number of entrance points to decrease the promotion of pain in different areas. After the end of the procedures your lips or any other part that was treated would not look injured. However, if you would have used a needle or other traditional injection, then things would have been different.

There are several other advantages of blunt cannulas over needles and other injections when they are used for different cosmetic procedures. They are much more effected for eye filling, smile line filling, lip filling etc. Blunt cannulas also reduced the time that a treatment takes because they need less entrance points.

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Blunt cannulas are also used for injecting teat trough fillers in the most deepest muscles of the body to prevent the leakages and making it being more obvious.  Overall, blunt cannulas are far more superior than needles and other injections. This is why their demand has significantly arisen and their usage contains lesser risk and lesser side-effects.

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